Lara Yegenoglu
Inter 8


Due to the presence of the car culture in Miami many programs and facilities within the city changed their appearance as well as their accessibility.  Mobility has transformed the influence on the city’s daily life and on mankind’s daily experience.

During analyzes of SW 8th street, Calle Ocho, the drive-through performed as one of the main features of the ‘street-society’ demonstrating the vast everyday life of the city, which leads to a lack of socialization and to the disappearance of community. The space within the automobile becomes a private sphere enveloping each individual citizen and therefore isolating it from the public. 

However in Little Havana the sozialization and interaction within the community outside on the street is still partly remaining. 

Within my intervention I want to create a public space, which will give the opportunity of regenerating a street life on Calle Ocho. In order to achieve transculturation between Cubans and Americans the programs featured within my frame can be shared by both cultures providing spaces suitable for citizens approaching the site by car as well as for pedestrians coming from around the neighbourood.

As the Cuban society will diminish within the next generations Latin Americans, which are now mainly resident in Little Haiti, will start to populate Little Havana more and more.  In order to allow these cultural changes to happen and integrate within Little Havana, a public market space will be created on the plaza of my intervention that can change, grow and adapt over time. The stalls will be fabricated by the vendors in a communal manner and are changeable to each individual’s needs. During this process of fabrication the opportunity of an interaction and a cultural exchange within the community will be given.

Calle Ocho, SW 8th Street, divides Little Havana into a North and South part with pedestrians being trapped on either side of the road as there are barely any crossings available that allow a regulated circulation from one side of the road to another.Proposal of the frame: the core of the intersection turns into a plaza, a public space, featuring programs on each corner which can be shared by drivers as well as pedestrians.The section shows the intersection on Calle Ocho turned into a plaza featuring automobile as well as pedestrian orientated programs such as the market, the drive-in restaurant and the drive-in cinemaExploring the proposal of the intersection from the view of a driver and pedestrian.