Lionel Eid
Inter 12

Gained In Translation.

An investigation into the collapse of copies of the Palladio's villa Capra.

Repetitive copying may lead to a loss as well as gain in information.A spectrum of the forms of protection that apply to all intellectual property. In other words, anything that architects produce (drawings, models, images) are subject to the laws of protection, privacy and publicity.Possible origins of Palladio's Villa Capra in Vicenza. One interpretation as to why this is seen as a seminal work is the way in which it merged the distinct typologies of  'palazzo' and 'temple'.A projective genealogy of the Villa Capra showing how the initial design has been developed both formally and programmatically.Timeline showing the ideological shifts to which the copies of the Villa Capra belong, as well as their current ownership.In obtaining plans for the copies of the Villa Capra, a loss of information (and quality) was seen as both inevitable and essential.The bastardised Villa Capra will be subject to its own zones of protection - based on the source material.Central SectionFront Elevation.Street View