luigi cippini
Inter 10

Michel Houllebcq-Michel Thomas (Réunion26 02 1958Plateforme (2001; Trans. as Platform by Frank Wynne, 2002) - Pierre Guyotat 1970 : Éden, Éden, Éden (Gallimard, Paris) - Jean  Luc Godard 1960 : À bout de souffle - Politique des Auteurs - A certain Interest in Emergent Behavioural Formation - An incredible form of pain in making a process of restoration - An Urban Oasis - Two Different Sultanates- One where you can easily buy your pretended to be international  Bourgeoisie but you will be still able to smell cigarette smoke in your hotel room- A different Sultante- A third world Complex - A border condition that is incredibly similar to every precedent in the history of architecture but with Central Park full of Sand and Dead Palms - A life in the bush of ghosts - a Deadly ecological environment - Continuos occasions for buying your own personal Alpha Condition.



Basically A restoration of an old Oasis implanting a touristic village pattern that comes directly from Thailand - where you can maximize the possibility to have sex due to the incredible amount of prostitutes that flocks in the Oasis.