Oliviu Lugojan-Ghenciu [OLGV ]
Diploma 6

GravityONE: A Choreography for Militarised Airspace

The remote territories of the Australian Never Never are anything but empty. The history of these landscapes is one of nuclear testing, rocket launches and black military technologies. The skies over this red earth are scarred with the contrails of experimental weapons flights and charged with the militarised electromagnetic waves that reach out to US troops in Afghanistan and Iraq. Forgotten,  somewhere in this landscape, is an abandoned missile tracking station. From here something else is being launched, a choreographed  flock of autonomous gliders, to drift through the air in silent protest.  Floating on engineered thermal currents their wingspan antennas broadcast white noise through the electromagnetic landscapes over Australia’s Pine Gap military base, momentarily jamming their telecommunications signals. 


Click on the image to play the animation.A prosthetic implant in to the cliff, a technological augmentation, a point where the entire light weight architectural system prop on the ground through the use of an air column.Recouping an aerial territory through jamming military base communications.Defining a global architectureSome of the gliders drift from their trajectory, crashlanding, becoming elements of wondering and mythological wondering for the passing by wonderers of the The base, the point from where my architecture takeoff and land, an active memorial of the event.
Gliding in the silence of the Australian sunset.