oscar gomes
Diploma 13

Tattooing Loos

A Redemptive Manifesto or The Papuan Gentlemen's Club

Facade of the Lindemann Residence.
The facade clad with marble and charred wood where a Georgian facade has been tattooed on to the building to incorporate it in an collective context of its neighbours, just as the tattoo was in the beginning a means of marking a collective identity.Rhythm ornament: based on musical cross rhythms and the amplitude waves.The medical spear clefting the skin of the White Cube gallery space. Bacteria infecting the skin of the White Cube to dissolve it and become an integrated frame for the artwork exhibited.Musical stair, inspired by the cross rhythms.
The staircase is in itself a percussion instrument that creates a rhythmic sound when walked in. It carries the inhabitants between two White Cube gallery spaces through the inbetween spaces in an exploded Loosian Raumplan.The Lounge of the Papuan Gentlemen's Club.Dining table on top of an art crate in the inbetween space. Nail ornament and African masks hanging in the background.