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Inter 12

Extension for Natural History London - a new museum for the historical area where Internation Exhibition 1851 was held showing knowledge and culture of human.

During dinosaur rush, the futurists go back through human history to find evidence of dinosaur fossils and excavate them.Virtual fossil model is transformed into reality with different strategies.The combination of Ye Olde Ruin, a city of humanity and Natural History museum - a structure for representing human knowledge.First translation with material.This section explores the museum as a place of exploration, also showing the crowdedness of discoveries.Tiling and texture of the surfacesExhibiting the old museum together with objects with technology of a new time.Buildings open for different operations at different times to attract customers. This is the snow yard in winter.An axonometric section of the Natural History Museum extension in its historical context.Operation of a building in section: natural pool of living creatures, original exhibit places, natural theatre for re-enacted events, Darwin centre, sky garden with historical finding, empty spaces.