Claretta Pierantozzi
Diploma 8

What is a corporation today and how does it shape the territory?
In this year long study leading to my Architectural graduation
the premises of the contemporary corporation have been placed
under analysis to understand its present connotations and most
importantly its effects on the territory.
Corporations have shifted from the Fordist model of mass production
to the open model of Global Corporations. This shift is not
only visible by the different cycles of production and consumption
that change the social sphere, but most importantly with different
relations and conditions that shape the built environment.
These observations led me to believe that a Corporation(s) with its
specific organization is possibly a relevant condition that shapes
the city. The importance of this relation between corporation and
territory prompt me to develop a manual rather than a corporate
The manual is here an instrument that links and explores the logic
of a corporation within the space of the city and defines guidelines
for both corporation and context by considering the full cycle
of production in relation to the city.
The manual is divided into sections, each defining the principles
of the five scales taken into consideration, going from the structural
pragmatism to the speculative theory, showing the principles
applied to generic situations and where possible to specific
To conclude Detroit and the Ford corporation have been initially
investigated and then explored in a series of speculative proposals
in which corporation and city are linked by specific conditions.