raha farazmand
Inter 2

House of swallows is a project in London, South Kensington. A place for Travellers who haven't been accomodated in our urban lifestyle. Their life revolves around performances. The design of the house has been developed with the idea of puppetry as craft. The craft gradually creates  a character for the house  which encompasses travellers' lifestyle.

In Memory of Alvin Boyarsky
The puppet of part of the AA which projects the reflection of itself back on to its context. The Puppet installed on the site.Pinhole camera picture of the site in London's South Kensington. The camera has been treated as a puppet.Translation of the pinhole camera picture into a model.Model of part of the house that behaves like a Puppet. The model has been installed back into its context.Cross Section of the house
The house has been transformed into a pub on the ground floor. There are rooms on other floors. The rooms are living spaces for travellers. They have views into the pub where performances take place.The model of the house
Part of the house hasn’t been touched and it’s separated in the model to emphasise the design.Room has been attached to the house.This is a view from the rooms to the pub.