Reo Suzuki
Diploma 11

Corridor of the Urban Vestige

New developpment plans in Hackney are disclosed as planning of commodity whereby appeared/happened city is overwritten.  Being criticism towards the capital driven urban tabula rasa, the project speculates new typology of infrastructural linkage, as water circulation system, suturing urban fragments vestiges into urban chronicle collage of the site.  In the sequence of the corridor, pool hall of Haggerston Bath,  water purification/decontamination machinery and series of water/bathing spaces at each purification process are exposed as new urban interior.

Memories regarding the experience of urban space was superimposed on the city model collaged from sampled urban components. A theatre bricolaged from sampled urban components.  Stages are juxtaposed with urban spaces in one building.  An hommage to Peter Brook and Syuji Terayama.1 Canal water sluice channel
2 Drum screen
3 Water quality monitor
4 PH rate adjuster (Lime injector)
5 Settling basin
6 Dehydrator
7 Permeable Reactive Barrior (PRB) water extruction outlet
8 Ozone reatcor
9 Ozone exhausting tower
10 Ozone disinfection basin
11 Belt crusher
12 Chain crusher
13 Trash classifier
14 Processed trash hopper
15 Ground water suction pipe
16 Biological filtration table
17 Sand filtration basin feeding pipe
18 Slow sand filtration basin
19 Ultra membrane filter
20 Water tank
21 Lancashire boiler (Haggerston Bath)
22 Chimney (Haggerston Bath)
23 Water/Hot water distribution pipe
24 Pump room (New housing) The prototype includes four programmatic clusters.  They linked with reciprocal water and heat system.Section cutting through the pool hall of Haggerston Baths, archaeological excavation site, the void space enclosed by the facade of the old council flat. Sectional perspective showing monitor room, ground water extraction basin, waterfall from trash dehydrator and corridor space beside along them.