DRL Phase 1

Group Name:  rub-a-dub
Proyect Name:  space oddity

Sebastian Andia (Argentina)
Rodrigo Chain (Colombia)
Apostolos Despotidis (Greece)
Thomas T. Jensen (Denmark)

With an increasing interest in space tourism and at the same time a decrease in public funding for space research we see an opportunity for a symbiotic relationship between the two. This opportunity enables people to actively support and engage in scientific field-research on site.

The concern is to rethink and dismiss the idea of the “space can” as the common model for space Architecture. Due to the flexibility and malleability provided by the extreme environment we are proposing a Soft System reactive and organized through Force Fields triggered by location and orientation. This organizational strategy is directly bound to human psychological needs in outer space, which is the main difficulty for interplanetary explorations.

The project, oriented to field-Research and touristic occupancy, will be deployed in Phases. First orbiting around the earth and later on occupying the moon’s surface. The environmental changes should be evident of the adaptability of the project to adjust to its current extreme surroundings.