Ruohong Wu
Diploma 5

It is not Garbage

Time-based layered system constructed by Tokyo Homeless that aims readdress the identity of this abandoned side of Japanese society. Constantly transforming the exclusive ground of Imperial Palace into celebrative landscape to congregate the public for cultural events.

Time-based architecture aims to readdress the identity of Tokyo homeless within Japanese society.Adaptive huts modifying of existing park layout and homeless community sharing public space with the others.Homeless constructed celebration landscape and monuments that accommodate seasonal festival for the public. To deliver the existing celebration events into time-based construction. 
Homeless constructed monuments to congregate the public for sending greeting to the king.Experiment of space finding in forest. Find a tree, build territory, that is the first Parisian garden. By looking at age, height, area, distance of the tree, the basic layout of landscape is generated.Rules of time-based layered construction. Homeless community is constantly formed and the relationship with the public is readdressed.The evolution of lower inhabitable mounts and upper monuments related to the growth of community.The geometry of lower and upper relationshipSectional scenario of spaces and layers