Saif Lassas
Diploma 14

My Project aims to confront the concept of ‘spectalce’ as a commodity of the culture industry to suspend the ambivalence between social interaction and refuge.

Utilizing space in its purest form to estrange the spectacle within the domus of the new proleteriat( middle class) unit. The project proposes a direct connection between the elementary cell and the resulting urban organism of the city as two co-existing typologies that result in the creation of the in-between spaces (common spaces) within a city.

Taking inspiration from Archizoom’s no-stop city, and other examples of urban organisms, the grid is deployed as a Generic device to orgainze and abstract the spectacle as the main force in the communication process of production.

Single unit @ 1:25 
The minimum existence condensing of a house's functions around a central space framed by four columns to express the ambivalence of seclusion and social interaction within the elementary cell.Plan of Aggregation @ 1:500 According to L Hilberseimer 'the architecture of the large city depends essentially on the solution of two factors: the elementary cell and the urban organism as a whole' In the aggregation the elementary cell is plugged into a grid with a series of courtyards separating the units thus avoiding a vis-a-vis condition and creating a direct link between each units main space of 'spectacle'.SIte plan @ 1:20000Site plan @ 1:5000 Roof plan @ 1:1000Axonometric rooftop of units @ 1:500 - Giant hall through the city, with the umbrella stone pine tree acting as a canopy for the park.014