sean mcguire
Inter 10

Sarana seeks to create a communal society in which fugitives from economic segregation, such as the transient workers of Dubai, can reintegrate themselves into the local urban community. The reoccupation of stalled projects, such as the Business Bay development on the mouth of the Dubai Creek, provide such an opportunity.

The early proposal before the site trip envisioned a scaffolding city growing from the intersection points of major public transportation networks of Dubai. The first of three projects, the New Babylon Reloaded proposal explored super imposing different city grid topologies. Sarana proposes a versatile brick and rebar fabric system that would allow for an easily modifiable space The material system of Sarana is  produced by a series of simulations which predict worker trajectory according to fields of informal economic activity. As the system approaches areas of high attraction (stair wells and covered areas) trading pods and bartering circles become denser and smaller in area. This becomes a zone of anonymity. As Constant Nieuwenhuys describes his New Babylon: