sophie ramsbotham
Inter 13

Shifting the focus of art in corporate environments from it’s current commodified and fixed state, into more an active and performative position, the Temporary Resident questions the role of art within the bank of JP Morgan and speculates on potential altervatives. The leading speculation involves the introduction of artist residencies within the bank itself, exploring both the initial structure that would be designed and constructed by the artists (one that would become their central place of work in the office, and from which the art would start to emanate from) and the ultimate impact such a project would have on both the artist and the banker. 

A collage speculating on potential works that could emerge within the bank of JP Morgan if Chris Burden was a resident artist.A spatial study observing the reaction when a performance artist doing small subversive acts is introduced into the site of JP Morgan.Photograph of model representing a potential structure that could be designed and constructed by JP Morgan's resident artists. In this case, it stems from the atrium on floors 7-10 of the bank. The speculation of various different artists within their residencies at the bank. A plan and collage exploring how the design will start to affect and alter the existing office arrangement - how both sides will start to work with each other, spatially. Exploring how the spaces in the temporary structure might start to be used, and by who - and looking into how this may ultimately effect the banking floors. Speculation on possible ways the existing office arrangement may change/shift/alter in response and to and with the artists.Duane Hanson in his residency at JP Morgan.A potential scenario within an artist's residency in the bank.Exploded isometric explaining how this design would connect and fit to the existing structure and constraint of the building.