Umberto Bellardi Ricci
Diploma 14

The project explores the dialectic Singularity and the collective and questions how architecture can interpret a contemporary notion of Subjectivity in the context of the contemporary dematerialised on the subject. Drawing on precedents such as the renaissance Studiolo and sound as a defining spatial element, the project proposes a layered space where the subject can withdraw and at the same time unfold. Reintroduces the potential of a space of separation, architecture can act to re-enforce the subject in his or her multi-layered relationship to an outside and to the world. Un-plugged from communication, production and representation, the subject can reposition his or her subjectivity, in the layered unit that wraps around the subject like a Russian Doll.

Departing from the most private central core of the unit, to the secondary services layer, to the domestic layer, to the unit envelope which can be customised to merge with other units according to changing needs of association.From the central heavy, prefabricated and permanent core to the more temporary adaptable, temporary and adaptable layers of the Unit. Like japanese sliding doors or shoji screens, with their degrees of opacity, the internal partitions create multiple levels of visibility and intricacy. In this way, the disposition of the internal layers in relation to the core and the external space can be controlled with a range of spatial compartments. These compartments include kitchen, bathroom, storage elements and the staircase. And beyond, the other domestic divisions of work, play and other living spaces.