DRL Phase 1

Team name: UN_Proto
Project name: Proto_UCity


‎‏A university is an institute of higher education and research, which grants academic degrees in a variety of subjects. In order for a university to have a proper academic environment and spirit, it must contain science faculties and humanity faculties. These faculties are a dichotomy with the core value of university. 
‏We investigate that a university must have humanity faculties and science faculties as a core to exist. We used this to create a dichotomy between the sciences and humanities. Realizing the changes today there are many blurred boundaries in these faculties in which different departments belong to more than one faculty so we created a hierarchical network of the connections between the departments.
‏The dynamic environment of a university is built on its participant's interest in learning and engaging with its surroundings. The experience of university is constructed of a series of events that are created by people meeting and communicating. To promote this open environment, we adopted the Burolandschaft concept. The Burolandschaft is a system of demarking territories through furniture, permanent elements and movable swarms of furniture. When the character of the furniture changes gradually a blurring zone is established, which defines the boundary without walls. This creates an architecture of continuing fields with multiple levels and penetrating voids. Through furnishing fields, we are creating spaces. We will explore three different kinds of furnishings: the auditorium, which is a permanent type, the library that has permanent and dynamic elements and the student center which is of social and dynamic characteristics.
‏Our understanding of a proto-university is to create an environment to engage and interact. We are reconfiguring the traditional university system to a new model of continuity and communicative interaction. Two approaches have been taken for attempt of the solution of proto-university system: 
‏    •    Top-down organization - the organization of the system of the whole campus, the overall geometry based on recursive geometry of a fractal.
‏    •    Bottom-up organization - where the furniture grows independently in L-System, a system of interaction and connectivity, the system of Burolandshaft.