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Inter 9

The project is a Vertical Cloister in collaboration with Gaudi's existing, unfinished church of Colonia Guell in Spain.

In the small town of Colonia Guell, Gaudi's church is located at the highest point. The vertical cloister bring people to a higher level, providing views of the town, as well as distant mountains for meditation.

The two routes provided in the project create two completely different atmosphere- lower route: misty, overcast by shadow; upper route: warm with sunlight and poetic views.

All these atmosphere are created by the circular elements: cylinder metal frame with ceramic claddings. They are of three types: pipe (creating sound); reeds (creating mist) and pillar (providing support)

Surface texture and perforation of the claddings are generated from inspiration of nature - leaves from the forrest Gaudi kept when building the crypt. 

The project is consisted of complex texture which creates a atmospheric spaces of mist, sunlight and sound for meditation.

Catalogue of data collected from leaves around the forest next to Colonia Guell crypt.

Information of colour and opacity under light.

Leaf data is then used to create 3D form with the arrangement as shown.