ying-chih deng
Diploma 4

The project investigate the contemporary territory in the emerging cross borders metropolitan region between the Oresund straight . It’s friction between the society and the spatial hindrances. The ivestigation aims maximising the possibilities to changes in the post industrial cities and the extreme egalitarian society in the region. The project will response to the current consequences of non-integration, between ethical conflict, anomy in the suburbs and the social welfare policies on planning. 

The project will  taking advantage of the current transformation on geographical connection. Proposing  spatial extensions along Oresund Bridge and the E20 fas the space of  cross border cooperation, and the decentralising device for “Prefabricated Cities”. The project will propose a autonomous ecological system of construction. A industrial process which is designed to de-organise the the border between industry , nature, infrastructure and inhabitation. 

The project will also structure the assembly of the new institution: Argo Agency to curate the transformation of the territory into diverse living environment.The performance of the Argo Agency will work with regional industry, assemblage the scattered ownerships and facilitate individuals expertise and entrepreneur. The organisational model of the agency as the space of cooperation between different levels of polity and society , between hierarchal cooperations , egalitarian institutions, independent agencies ,the open market and the individuals.