Complementary Media Studies
Eugene Han

The Media Studies programme provides a wide range of courses that explore various methods in the production of design. Using fabrication, visualisation and information techniques, studio-based courses provide students with an opportunity to explore the possibilities of available media within an integrated curriculum that can materialise and reinvent design approaches in architecture. This year’s courses range from digital information processing, video, photography and drawing to rapid prototyping. In addition, the department provides digital- based courses that focus on current computational applications allowing the students to quickly and effectively learn contemporary tools and assist in developing their architectural ambitions.

While Media Studies are a compulsory part of the curriculum in the First Year and Intermediate School, the programme draws the participation of students from across the entire undergraduate school and other parts of the AA. This widespread integration of students from a highly diverse set of backgrounds allows for a participative discussion through production techniques.

Beyond the courses provided by Media Studies, the department also participates in exhibitions and workshops that help to engrain the concept of technique as an integral component of the production process of architectural design. Department staff have a wide range of expertise, from architecture to the arts and technology. This diversity allows for a comprehensive and established collection of courses that help to equip students with vital skills relevant to contemporary means of production in architecture.