Saskia Lewis, Matthew Butcher, Takako Hasegawa, Flora McLean

The Foundation offers a year-long introduction to art and design-based education. It allows students to develop their conceptual ideas, individually and collectively, in a wide range of media from drawing and painting to filmmaking, pattern cutting, sculpting and installation. This experimentation opens pathways to a variety of creative disciplines from fine art to architecture.

‘Trust that little voice in your head that says, “Wouldn’t it be interesting if?” And then do it.’
– Duane Michals

Observe. Document. Analyse. Experiment. Speculate. Explore. Translate. Making visual what we see and think.

Becoming Fiction The relation of the body to the imagined self and the exchange between atmosphere, character and audience.

On Location Consulting films shot in London we surveyed locations and analysed viewpoints, making drawings and models registering the import of these scenes, their camera angles and architectural surveys.

Prop Master We made a series of copies of a Parisian flea market item in various materials before discarding the original and gradually transforming its identifiable use.

Unit Trip to Paris – La Maison de Verre and du Peuple, Communist Party
Headquarters, cafés and flea markets, printmaking in an atelier in a cobbled mews and more…

Body Survey We recorded the body at 1:1, examined its proportions, joints and movement.

It’s A Wrap Ways to augment, restrain or subvert the body’s movement through garment construction – the most intimate interface between a figure and the immediate surroundings.

Take Two One-minute films documenting work made to date – a reflection and projection.

Put Your Feet Up A pit stop along a disused rail line deep in the Dorset woods – somewhere to call home for a moment.

Over to You We wrote our own brief and dictated our final chapters.