Research Clusters

AA Research Clusters are a programme of special projects that bring together diverse groups of AA staff, students and outside partners for the purpose of realising a body of focused research. Originally conceived in 2005, Research Clusters are mechanisms for triggering and integrating discussion and exchange across the school through applied research. 

Led by the AA Research Cluster Group, managed by the AA’s Academic Head, Charles Tashima, Research Clusters are expected to challenge existing forms of research and presentation through events, symposia, conferences, workshops, performances, publications, exhibitions, fabrications, inter-disciplinary collaboration and competitions. 

This year three new clusters have been selected and will launch in October 2011. These clusters are: Paradise Lost, led by Mark Campbell; Architectural Doppelgänger, formed by Sam Jacob and Ines Weizman; and Saturated Space, with Adam Furman and Antoni Malinowski.