The AA exhibition programme celebrates the work of practices whose early cutting-edge approach to design has begun to manifest itself, in the process firmly establishing these firms at the forefront of their professions. Engineers Adams Kara Taylor (AKT) worked alongside some of the world’s most influential architects on major projects and have been instrumental in pushing the boundaries of what is possible. Architect and former AA tutor Frank Barkow brought the work of his practice Barkow Leibinger to the AA. The exhibition transformed the AA Gallery into a ‘grotto’ landscape of cut steel tubes, formed using a state-of-the-art revolving laser-cutting process.


The AA’s exhibition year began with a very different vision: ‘Future Non-Future’ brought together architectural projects for London which all remain unbuilt. Alongside AA Gallery shows, the exhibition programme as usual highlighted school work, starting with an exhibition by students awarded the prestigious AA Diploma Honours in 2007/08. Others included Crossings, a bridge-building project for Hooke Park in Dorset; and Where the Wild things are (Inter 7’s unit trip to the Galapagos Islands).